Below Is The Obituary Of Benjamin Harrison King,,,,

BENJAMIN HARRISON KING was born 12-18-1890. His parents were JOHN FLEMING KING (5-11-1845 TN\10-12-1905) and NANCY FRANCIS KING. His siblings were John Burrel, John Elbert , Emily M., Rhoda ,Stephen Emauel ,Christopher A., Casie Andrew, Isaac Newton, Sarah E., and Alford Logan.
BENJAMIN HARRISON KING married MAGGIE CAMPBELL they had 8 children, Nancy Susan, Alfred, Johnie, Sophia, Odell, Mae, Mary, and Ellis.
BENJAMIN HARRISON KING died 12-9-1959 and was 68 years 11 months and 22 days old when he left this world. He leaves behind his wife Maggie King and 7 children; Nancy King Allen, Alfred, Johnie, Sophie King Hicks, Mary King Hicks, Odell, and Ellis. His other daughter Mae King Pennington died in 1955. BENJAMIN HARRISON KING'S family lives in Ohio, Indiana, Tn, Clay-Jackson and surrounding counties in KY. At the time of his death B.H. King had 28 Grandchildren and 17 GreatGrandchildren.

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