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LINKS TO "KING" RESEARCH WEBSITES: Contains links to various webpages/websites with research information on the King Family Line.
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This Page Contains Email, Queries, Questions, And Other Information On King, Pennington, & Related Surnames That I Have Received From Various Researchers.

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1- From: Kirby Johnson
Subject: Kirby King

Hello my name is Kirby Johnson, I am a descendent of Kirby King born 1750-1760. this is the father of burrell king. I have a photo copy of a letter out of John Fleming King's bible, given to my family though (Pearl Lowry) whom is  the daughter of Cass Andrew King. Cass's father was John Fleming King born 1845 in tenn,(Rhoda King Legeres son).

Thomas Murray King was my gggggreatgrand father his father was Kirby King. I am writing to see if you have any information on Edward King, the father of Kirby King. Does this sound like part of your family? Kirby Johnson

2- From: Kirby Johnson
Subject: King Family

  Hi, Julie I have information on Uroth/Urith Murray that goes back to 1605 Scotland I will copy and send along with the two pages out of john Fleming kings bible. wish I could just scan and send but I dont have a scanner..... I dont know any thing about burrell or George Washington. most of my information is on Thomas Murray king. with so many members of this family having the same names research is hard to do must of our research was done by a Joan noble out of Ohio, she did a good job but some things in it just dont add up. I hope this day I would like to put my information on a page but it takes time.....I will send soon dont worry about the postage. I hope it helps No address for pearl lowry the paper was notaryized in indiana on august 17 1988 Kirby Johnson 522 n bridge belding  Mich. 48809

3- From: Connie Kyger
Subject: Burwell King

Hi Julie, My name is Connie, and I believe I am related to you through Burrell (Burwell) King's brother, Thomas Murray King. I am going to be out of town for a couple of days, but wanted to touch base with you first. My Thomas Murray King was b. 1790, d. 1880, McCreary, KY. I believe I have info that states that Burrell is the oldest of at least 5 children, parents are William Kirby King m. Uroth Murray. I have info on the Murray line also. This Murray line however is not the same family line that descends from Pocahontas. There is another King/Murray line that goes back to Pocahontas, but this is not the same line. I will get back in touch with you on dates and names when I return. Continued success on your web site. Connie Kyger

4- From: Connie Kyger
Subject: Burwell King Family Line

Hi Julie, Lets start with Burrell's parents: William Kirby King (not sure if William is first name) b. unknown(Ireland, Scotland, America?)d. ? by 1796 (father may be Edward King-not confirmed) 1784-served Rev. War (SC), paid for service 1794-purchased 150 acres land Washington TN 1796-Uroth King has ownership of land listed above (assume Kirby is dead) married Uroth Murray, d/o Thomas Murray and ?Margaret Jones (will detail Murray line below,,,,,,,,,,,)

children of Kirby and Uroth

Burrell King b. Mar 1780 SC d. ?   m. Elizabeth Barron(Barnes) b.July 1785 VA

Betsy King

Polly (Mary King) m. ?John Donald

Thomas Murray King b. 1790 Wash. Tn d. 1880 McCreary Ky m. Mary Cox 1815

Nancy Jane King b. 1793 Wash. Tn   m. Mathew Douglass

George Washington King (not sure if child , in Wash. Co. Tn in 1830 Census)

William King b. 1818 d. by 1840 Campbell Tn   m. ? Murray

Murray Line

James Murray b. Scotland (came to America abt 1676) m. Jemina Morgan d/o Thomas Morgan and Mary Cromwell.

James and Jemina had 7 children including our ancestor Morgan Murray. Morgan Murray b. Md. d. by 1741 m. Sarah Hawkins. Morgan and Sarah had 5 children including our ancestor Thomas Murray. Thomas Murray b. abt 1725 Md d. estate probate 1805 (Washington Co. TN) m. Margaret Jones?.
Thomas and Margaret had 9 children including our ancestor Uroth Murray. Uroth Murray who married Kirby King. I have the lists of some children for (Murray) and some of the children for (King)I descend from Thomas Murray King and have alot of info: children, spouses, ect. I will let you digest what I have for now. If you see anything that is different from what you have, please let me know. Also, let me know what you want and I will see what I can do. Connie Kyger

5- From: Nancy Clayton

Hi! Anyone see KING name that is a link to my William KING line? Thanks!


William King born July 10, 1779 in Delaware or Virginia ?? died Sept 27, 1865 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. My William King married Sarah (Hammer) Garner in Carter County, TN on August 19, 1803. She was born August 24, 1781 - but we are not sure where - possibly Virginia or North Carolina. The name - Hammer shows up on some records, as does the name McClellan. Sarah died March 30, 1862.

***William and Sarah Garner King are both buried in Coleman Cemetery, Claiborne County, Tennessee, one-half mile west of the Hancock County line. I have cousins living in the area who have visited the site. We do know our Kings are said to have come to the New World (Virginia) in the early 1600's - possibly in the Second Virginia Charter or later -1620's to 1640's. We have always been told there were two King brothers who came to Virginia because they could not pay their debts in Scotland or England. They worked for 7 years to pay off their debts and married Indian women. Would love to find history of William & Sarah to go further back.

William and Sarah had 11 children

1. Elias KING  b. June 9, 1806 Virginia d. Sept 1867 Whitt Cemetery,Carter County, Kentucky. m. Isabella HORTON

2. Rosa Ozina W.(Rosie) KING b. Oct 16, 1810 West Virginia. d. Aug 30, 1888 Claiborne Ct, TN m. (1st) _________ CARRINGER (2nd) Rev. Nathan HOBBS

3. Elcana David KING b. 1814  d. _____? Union County, TN m. Mary FLANERY or FLANARY

4. Hiram C. KING b. 1815 or 1816 Virginia d. 1871  m. (1st) Elizabeth NEIL (NEAL) (2nd) Emily BALES

5. Jennie Margaret KING b. June 13, 1818 Claiborne Ct, TN d. June 14, 1898 _______________?  m. Robert RITCHIE

6. David A. KING b. about 1820 Virginia d. about 1873 __________ m. Susan FLETCHER  David was a Presbyterian Preacher - he was known as Reverend David King. He married Suzanne FLETCHER about 1847. (They are my Grt-Grt Grandparents. I have records on most of the family - but not all.)

7. Elihu E. King b. Dec 22, 1824 _______________? d. Jan 30, 1898 Tazewell, TN m. (1st) Elizabeth BUIS (2nd) SusanHUNTER Elihu is buried in the King Family Cemetery, Cedar Fork, Tennessee.

8. Emillie (Emilie) Amy KING b. Nov 10, 1826 _____? d. June 27, 1904 b. King Family Cemetery (next to Elihu) m. ________ BOWMAN or BORMAN

9. Lucinda KING b. abt 1828 m. Thomas MOORE

10. Minnie KING

11. John KING



Below are some queries and emails that I have received from various Pennington Family Researchers, please read them and see if you can make a connection or answer their questions!!!

1- From: Kathy Mitchell

Subject: Pennington's

 Julie this is Kathy Mitchell from GenForum, I had listed my greatgrandmother Kitty Priscilla Pennington. The reason why I'm writing now is because I have gone for months and months with no one answering my letter. And I just happened to go through the Penningtons name today and I had seen your response to my letter. I seen you had some information, could you still look for me? I'm unable to find anything out on her and her husband. I don't know where she was born or anything. I appreciate all your help, truly I do. If you need anything else please let me know. If you using my husbands screen name becuase everytime I get under mine I have kinfolks or other very strange people im'ing me and I can't get any work done so, if you could e-mail me at Thanks Julie. Sincerely Kathy Mitchell

2- From: Mallie Pennington

Subject: Pennington Family

Hi my name is Mallie Arelle Pennington an I live in Goldsboro,N.C. My grandfather also had the same name as I. Haven't had much luck finding out anything on this family.

3- From: Bill Whittymore

Subject: Pennington/Whittymore Family Lines

I have been doing some research on my family, Whittamore's.  Dan Whittymore was my gggrandfather's brother.  You probably already know this, but Dan and Dora are buried in the Mt. Olivet Church of Christ cemetery at Sexton Creek in Clay County on KY577, about 3 miles east of US421.  I remember also that there were several Pennington's buried in that cemetery.  Good Luck.Bill

Correction.  Dan was probably the son of Daniel Whittymore or one of the other brothers of my gggrandfather.  The elder Dan was born in about 1850.  Dan, Dora's husband, was born Oct. 12, 1890, d. May 14, 1982.  Dora was b. May 22, 1892, d. 1956. Bill Whittamore

4- From: Julie Pennington-Phillips

Subject: Response To Pennington/Whittymore Family Lines

Bill, Thanks for the information and for writing to me!!! I think your gggrandfather's brother or however he is related to you, (Dan) was married to my ggandfather's (Daniel Pennington) sister (Dora). Do you happen to know the names of any of Dan & Dora's children?? I have just started researching my father's family lines, any information you have on the Pennington and their related families would be greatly appreciated!!! Alot of my dad's relatives (from both sides) live in Clay/Jackson counties KY. I have been to the Mt. Olive Cemetery many times, every Memorial Day Weekend my dad go's there to decorate his parents graves, he hasn't missed a year since his mother died in 1955. Which website did you visit to find me and the names I am researching?? I would like to know so that I can return to it to post more information/questions since it worked well enough to receive an email from you!!! What are some of the surnames you are researching, maybe I can help you out. Julie Pennington-Phillips

5- From: Debbie

Subject: Pennington/Camel

  I have just started tracing my family tree and was wondering if anyone has any information on the surnames of Pennington,King,Camel(campbell) families from Jackson,Clay, or surrounding counties of Eastern Kentucky?? Any information would be appreciated!! Hi I saw your post on GenForum and wonder if you might have anything on Jesse Pennington who married Jennie Camel. I don't have anything on Jennie at all. Thanks Debbie

6- From: Julie Pennington-Phillips

Subject: Response To Pennington/Camel

Debbie,   The names you mentioned Jesse Pennington & Jennie Camel don't sound familiar to me. I will look through my family papers, and If I can find any information on them I will let you know. Do you have any other names,locations, etc. from either of these family lines, If so please send them to me. If you would like to see names,information,dates on some of my Pennington,King,Camel/Campbell, and other family lines please visit my webpage at,,,,,,,,,  I look forward to hearing back from you!!         Julie Pennington-Phillips


Below is information on 1 line of the Pennington Family that I received From: Donna Kent

1 Ephraim PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1620, England1 Death: 1660, New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut1 Children: Ephriam (1645-1693) Mary (1646-) 1.1 Ephriam PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1645, New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut1 Death: 28 Jan 1693, Newark, Essex Co.New Jersey1 Children: Ephraim (1668-1693) Judah (1682-) Timothy (1690-1749) 1.1.1 Ephraim PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1668 Death: 1693 Children: Ephraim (1688-1750) Ephraim PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1688, Morris Co, New Jersey1 Death: 1750, Rowan Co, North Carolina Children: Levi (1712-1790) Benejah (1725-1790) Ephraim (1720-) Levi PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1712, Salisbury, Rowan Co, North Carolina1 Death: 5 Dec 1790, Randolph Co, North Carolina1 Children: Issac (1752-) Rachel (1754-) Mary (1756-) Levi (1758-1808) Elizabeth Ann (1761-1823) Issac PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1752 Rachel PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1754 Mary PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1756 Levi PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1758 Death: 8 Dec 1808 Elizabeth Ann PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 15 Mar 1761 Death: 25 Jan 1823 Benejah PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1 Jan 1725, Salisbury, Rowan Co, North Carolina1 Death: 1790, Grayson Co, VA1 Ephraim PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 17201 Children: Ephraim Richard (1748-1813) Timothy (1749-1820) Joshua (1753-) Jemimah (1760-) Robert (1763-) Ephraim PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Richard PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1748 Death: 21 Dec 1813 Timothy PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1749, North Carolina1 Death: 1820, Barren Co, KY1 Spouse: Susanah RIGGS1 Children: Reuben (1774-) Simeon (1775-) Moses (1776-) Joel (1780-) Riggs Asa (1775-1853) Reuben PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1774 Simeon PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 26 Aug 1775 Moses PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1776 Joel PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1780 Riggs PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Asa PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 26 Aug 1775, North Carolina1 Death: 26 Sep 1853, Lawrence County MO1 Spouse: Rachel LANE2 Children: Sarah (1799-) Simeon (1801-) Corbin (1805-) Peter (1806-) Tomothy (1808-) William (1810-) Frances (1812-) Sarah PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1799, Lee Co, North Carolina1 Simeon PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1801 Spouse: Nancy McGehee Birth: 1808, Tennessee Father: James McGehee (1780-1830) Mother: Jane (1782-1859) Children: Marha J. (1830-) Rachel (1833-) Malvina (1835-) James (1837-) Wiley (1843-) Philip (1845-) Marha J. PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1830, MO Spouse: Alvin TARTAR Birth: 1836, KY Marr: 17 Aug 1856, lawrence County MO Children: Elizabeth (1857-) Elizabeth TARTAR ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1857, lawrence County MO Rachel PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1833, IL Spouse: Milton CONNELL Birth: 1832, OH Marr: 2 Mar 1851, Lawrence County MO Children: Squire S (1854-) Josiah (1855-) George Washington (1858-1920) Marion (1863-) Cordelia A (1865-) Wright Monroe (1868-) Henry Clay (1869-) Deville M (1872-) Dora (1877-) Gracie (1879-) Squire S CONNELL ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1854, MO Spouse: Marilda Birth: 1856, TN Children: Atha (1874-) Edgar (1875-) George (1877-) Hattie (1879-) Josiah CONNELL ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1855 George Washington CONNELL ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 21 Feb 1858 Death: 16 Mar 1920 Spouse: Elizabeth Jenkins JONES Birth: 3 Mar 1869, MO Death: 2 Sep 1940 Father: George JONES Mother: Nancy ROBERTS Marr: 14 Dec 1886 Children: George Troy (1887-) Clarence (1890-) Clemmie B (1891-) Jay Devills (1893-) Archie Hal (1895-) Marion CONNELL ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1863 Cordelia A CONNELL ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1865 Spouse: William J RATEKIN Birth: 1861, IL Marr: 17 Aug 1885, Lawrence County MO Children: Dolly (1886-) Wright Monroe CONNELL ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1868 Henry Clay CONNELL ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1869 Deville M CONNELL ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1872 Dora CONNELL ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1877, MO Spouse: William T TARTAR Birth: 1874 Marr: 16 Aug 1894, lawrence County MO Gracie CONNELL ????????????????????????????????????????
Birth: 1879 Malvina Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1835, Missour James PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1837, MO Spouse: Elizabeth REAMS Birth: 1838, TN Marr: 3 Apr 1860, lawrence County MO Children: Virginia (1863-) Jesse (1866-) Minnie F (1868-) Madison (1871-) Minda (1874-) Alice (1876-) Matilda (1879-) Virginia Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1863 Jesse Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1866 Minnie F Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1868 Madison Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1871 Minda Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1874 Alice Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1876 Matilda Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1879 Wiley PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1843, MO Spouse: Catharine REAMS Birth: 1846, TN Marr: 30 Jan 1867, lawrence County MO Children: John T (1868-) George W (1870-) Dora (1877-) Hattie (1884-) John T PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1868, MO George W PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1870 Dora PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1877 Hattie PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 7 Apr 1884 Philip Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1845 Corbin PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1805, VA Spouse: Elizabeth McGehee Birth: 1812, Tennessee Father: James McGehee (1780-1830) Mother: Jane (1782-1859) Marr: 1830 Children: Matilda (1831-) James (1833-) Lucy A (1836-) Asa (1838-) John (1840-) Simon (1842-) Nancy J (1844-) Corbin (1844-) Sarah E (1858-) Matilda PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1831, Illinois James Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1833, Illinois Lucy A Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1836 Asa Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1838 John Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1840 Simon PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1842 Nancy J Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1844 Corbin Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1844 Sarah E Pennington ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1858 Peter PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1806 Tomothy PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1808 William PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1810 Frances PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1812 Joshua PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1753 Jemimah PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1760 Robert PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1763 1.1.2 Judah PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1682, newark, Essex Co.New Jersey1 1.1.3 Timothy PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1690, Newark, Essex Co.New Jersey1 Death: 1749, Mendham, Morris Co. New Jersey1 1.2 Mary PENNINGTON ???????????????????????????????????????? Birth: 1646, New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut

  1."" 2. "Jerry Johnson," 08/29/1999.   Index ? Marilda spouse of CONNELL Archie Hal child of Atha child of Clarence child of Clemmie B child of Cordelia A Deville M Dora Edgar child of George child of George Troy child of George Washington Gracie Hattie child of Henry Clay Jay Devills child of Josiah Marion Milton spouse of Squire S Wright Monroe JONES Elizabeth Jenkins spouse of LANE Rachel spouse of McGehee Elizabeth spouse of Nancy spouse of PENNINGTON Alice Asa Asa Benejah Corbin Corbin Dora Elizabeth Ann Ephraim 1 Ephraim 1.1.1 Ephraim Ephraim Ephraim Ephriam 1.1 Frances George W Hattie Issac James James Jemimah Jesse Joel John John T Joshua Judah 1.1.2 Levi Levi Lucy A Madison Malvina Marha J. Mary 1.2 Mary Matilda Matilda Minda Minnie F Moses Nancy J Peter Philip Rachel Rachel Reuben Richard Riggs Robert Sarah Sarah E Simeon Simeon Simon Timothy 1.1.3 Timothy Tomothy Virginia Wiley William RATEKIN Dolly child of William J spouse of REAMS Catharine spouse of Elizabeth spouse of RIGGS Susanah spouse of TARTAR Alvin spouse of Elizabeth William T spouse of

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